Pre-Owned Equipment That Will Aid In Food Preparation And Storage Needs

Adding hot steak sandwiches that are topped with gravy and cold cut subs that contain a variety of meats and cheeses to your menu can put you at a disadvantage if you need to preserve a batch of gravy or slice meat and cheese quickly. Not owning power equipment could slow down your production or result in serving products that are subpar to your customer's preferences. If funding isn't available for new equipment, purchase used restaurant equipment that is less expensive and that will help you and your kitchen staff fill orders promptly.

A Steam Table

Moist heating, which involves the creation of steam, is used to heat up foods that have already been prepared. A steam table uses this type of technology. This kind of table can be used to safely preserve gravies, soups, vegetables, meats, and any other dishes that are on your menu. Shop around for a stainless steel table that does not have any marks on its surface. A table may contain a standard leg base or one that includes casters.

If hot foods are going to be moved around in the kitchen, while garnishes are being applied or while additional ingredients are being added to containers of food, buy a mobile steam table. At the beginning of each breakfast, lunch, or dinner shift, you and your kitchen staff members can prepare batches of food that will likely be ordered and keep the food warm by storing it on the steam table.

An Automatic Slicer

An automatic slicer is an electrically operate piece of restaurant equipment that will allow you to slice through thick slabs of meat and cheese and yield slices that are equally proportioned. Like any piece of electric equipment, safety procedures should be implemented. When shopping for a used slicer, look for a unit that will fit well on your countertop or a work table that is next to the area where foods are prepared and cooked.

After purchasing the slicer, stock up on rubber gloves, hairnets, and storage bags. Train your employees to use the slicer and instruct them to each wear gloves and a hair net while preparing an order. If you want to get a head start on lunch or dinner service, slice meat and cheese varieties that are used daily to create your lineup of subs. Store the sliced products inside of sealable bags. Place the bags inside of your commercial refrigerator, to preserve the freshness of the items.

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