Renting Scaffolding To Make Your Project Safer And Easier

Scaffolding offers the user a solid base to work from and allows several people to work side by side on a project without having to stretch and reach from a ladder. The right scaffolding is essential, so consider the job you are doing when you go to rent scaffolding from the rental company or scaffolding company. 

Weight Limits

One of the most important things you need to consider when you are working with scaffolding is the weight that it can support. If you are putting several workers and supplies on the scaffolding, the section needs to be able to support the entire load. If the rating of the scaffolding is a thousand-pounds, you have to consider any workers on it, the tools they will have with them, and the materials that are on the platform as well. 

Overloading a scaffolding could cause it to fail, and the entire scaffolding could collapse. A scaffolding that comes down normally involves the whole structure, not just the overloaded section. Make sure you discuss the weight and load rating with the rental company when you are selecting the scaffolding for your job.

Stairs not Ladders

Renting scaffolding that has stair sections available with it is a better option than a scaffolding with ladders on the ends. The stairs are more comfortable to use, make it easier to carry materials and tools up and down, and are not that difficult to put in place. 

If the scaffolding design incorporates the stairs into it, workers can move up and down the entire structure with far fewer problems, and the cost of renting this style of scaffolding may be worth it if the stairs reduce accidents and speed up productivity. 

Height Limitations

Depending on the style and the material that the scaffolding is made from, the height at which you can safely use it may have limitations. Talk to the scaffolding company about the project you are doing to ensure that the scaffolding you get is going to reach the height you need safely.

Sometimes the limitations are because of the weight of the sections, and erecting the scaffolding by hand is not safe, but if you have a crane on-site, the crane can lift the sections into place and make the scaffolding acceptable at the height you need it. 

Keep in mind that the scaffolding needs to be secure, and when it is used at extreme heights, anchoring it to the building may be necessary. The scaffolding company can help you select the best method for anchoring the scaffolding without causing damage to the building and still allowing the crew to work around the anchors. 

Contact a company like Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co. to learn more. 

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