Benefits Of Automatic Girth Welders

As a business owner, manager, or anyone working with large storage tanks in the field, a damaged storage tank can be a large problem that impedes productivity and eats up valuable time. An automatic girth welder can be an extremely useful tool in the field to quickly, efficiently, and safely seal large storage tank leaks.


Welding large storage tanks can be a tedious, expensive, and potentially dangerous job. Putting an employee into the field to fix a large storage tank leak can lead to many complications. Often these tanks are not in easy to reach or convenient locations. Welders can find themselves cramped in small awkward spaces, making the job more difficult, dangerous, and costly for employers. Safety can also become a concern as well. Employees working in small cramped spaces or up in exposed areas are at a higher risk for a work-related injury.

The larger the tank, the more tedious a job can become. Some tanks must even be moved for maintenance. Both safety risks and inefficient use of time can be costly for employers. Automatic girth welders solve that problem by offering easy to move designs and more efficient welding times. They are designed for working on storage tanks directly in the field. Often these welders are situated on rollers or offer some sort of portable construction.


A girth welder is designed to address a tank's circumferential weld joints. Welders are set on the tank and will go along a track or directly on top of the tank to create a seal. The welders can automatically continue around the tank until they reach their starting point. They typically come in a single- or double-sided configuration, requiring one or two operators respectively.

Time is money when it comes to fixing a large or expensive leak. The use of an automatic girth welder has demonstrated the ability to address storage tank leaks faster than manual welding. The use of an automatic versus a manual welder also offers consistent and high weld quality, especially when it comes to large, tedious, or awkward jobs.

There are many different factors to consider when investing in an automatic girth welder including size, material, flux capacity, welding speed, tank diameter, plate thickness, and power source. Automatic girth welders can also be custom-built for vertical and horizontal tank welding, giving buyers plenty of options to choose from to fit their needs.

For more information, contact an automatic girth welder supplier.

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