Set Up An Oilfield Housing Camp

If you oversee a mining group and have chosen to provide your crew members with affordable housing, setting up an oilfield camp is a smart way to accommodate everyone and ensure that they are nearby when you need them. Oilfield housing can consist of a series of modular homes that each contain the basic essentials and comforts.

A Uniform Setup

If you and your employees will be working in one area for an undetermined amount of time, things can get costly and time-consuming, especially when it comes to putting your employees up in hotels or directing them to find rentals in the vicinity.

Typical oilfield housing consists of units that are each similar in size and layout. A central office, a laundry facility, a main kitchen, an equipment and supply building, or an entertainment complex could be introduced by upgrading some of the shipping containers or standard park models that you purchase.

A factory owner who is responsible for mass-producing modular housing or shipping containers can aid you in your proposed housing camp, or you can contact a business owner who specializes in constructing modular homes that are specifically built for members of the oilfield industry.

A custom order could include details about the type of exterior that you would like each home to possess, the cabinet and lighting type that is located throughout each residence, and whether furnishings will be included. Once all of the units are ready, you can have them delivered to your site and set up immediately.

Simple And Convenient

Working in the oilfield industry can be strenuous and exhausting. Most of your employees will probably be anxious to shower and grab a bite to eat, prior to relaxing for a while and going to sleep for the night. Your housing camp will provide your employees with solid homes that will bring them some comfort during the times that they are away from their primary residences.

Add security and aesthetical appeal to the work camp by having fencing installed around the perimeter of the camp and by planting shrubs, bushes, and other landscaping features. Add a couple of picnic tables to a central area where your employees tend to congregate at the end of each day.

Tell your employees what is expected of them, including any rental payments or maintenance upkeep, the place and time where they will need to report each morning, and any restrictions that will be related to what they do during their time off from work.

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