3 Features Farriers Need In A Truck Service Body

Professionals in many industries swap out the bed of their pickup for a service body. Farriers are among those professionals who can benefit from access to a service body. The unique design of service bodies will allow farriers to store tools when shoeing horses on location.

The right service body can improve efficiency and minimize the risks involved with shoeing horses for a living. Here are some characteristics that you might find beneficial if you are thinking of investing in a service body for your farrier business.

1. Custom Options

Customization is important when it comes to maximizing the convenience of a truck service body. Farriers carry an arsenal of unique tools that may not fit in traditional truck body compartments.

Customizing the compartments to house an anvil, various hammers, raw steel, and a bevy of other tools will keep everything you need to properly shoe a horse within reach. This increased accessibility can improve your efficiency and help maintain the safety of your mobile work area.

2. Weather Resistance

A farrier relies on his or her tools to craft horseshoes that will enhance performance. In order to accomplish this task, the tools must remain in good condition. Exposure to the elements can cause tools to sustain serious damage.

Rusted or corroded tools often lose their strength and become incapable of doing the intense work required by farriers on a regular basis. A truck service body that is weather-resistant is a must for any farrier.

These truck bodies are equipped with waterproof storage compartments that will not allow moisture to come into contact with the tools stored inside. A weather-resistant truck body will keep your farrier tools free from corrosion and functioning properly over time.

3. Warranty

Traveling from stable to stable is something that farriers do on a regular basis. This means that your truck service body will be exposed to many different hazards during the course of each workday. It's imperative that you invest in a truck body that comes with a comprehensive warranty.

A warranty will help reduce your financial liability if your truck is kicked by a horse during one of your shoeing appointments. The warranty will also cover any damage to your tools if your truck body malfunctions in any way.

Making the switch to a service body from a traditional pickup bed will help you stay organized and efficient as you build your farrier service.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers truck service bodies.

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