Use Light-Duty Sheeting To Create Outdoor Barricades For Plants And Bushes

Light-duty clear plastic sheeting is often used as a moisture and sunlight barrier. If your collection of outdoor plants and small shrubs are susceptible to damage from freezing temperatures or wildlife, use sheeting, stakes, and soil or bricks to create some barricades

Sheeting That Includes A Built-In Dispenser

A retailer that sells industrial supplies may offer some light-duty products that are contained inside of corrugated cartons that each include a built-in dispenser and cutter. A roll of plastic sheeting will allow you to measure the length and the width of each piece that is being dispensed, prior to cutting it loose from the roll.

Look for a light-duty product that contains a double layer or one that provides thermal protection. A double layer or thermal product will still be as flexible as a single layer sheeting product that lacks thermal properties, but this type of product may be less susceptible to tears.

Additional Materials To Create The Barricades

If you have young plants and bushes growing on your land and they will require protection for several months, use light-duty sheeting and plywood to create frames that can be secured around each grouping of plants or bushes. A staple gun can be used to secure the edges of each sheeting panel, to the wooden frames. Create a frame for all sides of each item that is being covered.

For protection that is going to be implemented during short stints, sheeting can be draped directly over each item that is being protected. Purchase some wooden or metal gardening stakes. Use a mallet to insert the stakes around each item or grouping of items that are being covered. The top of each stake should be at the same height as the plant or bush that is being protected. 

Measure and cut pieces of light-duty sheeting, ensuring that the sheeting will adequately cover the natural growth and extend down to the ground. Sheeting should be somewhat taut. Pull the pieces of the sheeting outward and use a layer of bricks or some soil to secure the edges of the sheeting. If you decide to use soil, in place of a layer of bricks, the soil can be acquired from your property or you can purchase a bag of topsoil.

Remove the barricades as desired and water the plants and bushes, prior to covering the items again. If any of the plastic sheeting becomes damaged, dispose of it and use fresh pieces to create new barricades. 

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