Aspects to Look For in Oil Well Casing Scrapers

If your oil crew wants to do a good job at cleaning well casings, then you need casing scrapers that are set up the right way. You have a lot of scraper options, but if you go after one with the following aspects, you'll be consistently pleased with casing cleaning performance.

Zero External Fasteners

If you are purchasing a casing scraper that has multiple sections that combine into one using fasteners, then you may want to make sure these components are not set up on the outside. External fasteners tend to create liabilities while the scraper moves along oil well casings to remove things like debris.

Whereas, if you have a casing scraper with fastening mechanisms included on the interior portion of this device, they won't be exposed at all. They'll continue holding up and keeping various sections of the scraper together for optimal cleaning performance.

Finite Element Analysis-Tested

In order to know that you're going with an optimal cleaning device for oil casings, you want to make sure the scraper has been put through ample testing. One of the most relevant and impactful factors for designing a refined casing scraper is finite element analysis.

This is a type of analysis that seeks to learn more about a material's makeup, including its thermal properties and performance around fluids. If a manufacturer puts their oil well casing scrapers through FEA, you can be sure they've assessed the right things and based their design and material decisions around them for a better performing casing scraper.

Casing-Friendly Blades

The portion of the casing scraper that will be doing the cleaning is the blade portion. You want these blades to be sharp, but you don't want them to be able to harm the internal components of an oil well casing. If that happened, you would have to deal with repairs.

Try to find a casing scraper that has a proven casing-friendly blade design. Then, regardless of how many times you insert this scraper inside oil well casings, no internal damage will happen. The cleaning will be refined and effective to remove anything that has been collected inside the casings.

Being particular about the casing scraper you buy for oil well casings is going to help you get more desirable cleaning results. This way you probably won't have to work as hard, perform multiple cleanings in a short period of time, or cause problems for the casings that require a thorough clean. For more information, contact an oil well casing scraper service near you to learn more.

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