Maintenance Suggestions For Warehouse Storage Rack Systems

One of the best ways you can keep products organized around a warehouse is with a storage rack system. It enables you to save space and get products shipped out faster. Just make sure you perform these maintenance steps periodically.

Be Careful With How Products Are Stacked

Even though storage rack systems in warehouses are meant to support a lot of weight at a time, you still need to follow proper stacking protocols for products. That's going to prevent premature wear and tear with this system and thus save you repair costs. Always find out how much weight each section can support on this rack system and also comply with spatial restrictions. Even simple tactics like making sure your products are lined up evenly on the rack system can help you avoid issues with this storage solution.

Invest in Guardrails

There will likely be forklifts driving around your storage rack system in the warehouse. Even when operators are fully trained to navigate this machinery properly, they can still make mistakes and bump into sections of the rack system. That's not going to be a concern if you invest in guardrails. They can be set up around key locations of your storage rack system and thus provide a layer of protection. If forklifts hit these rails at any point, the rails are going to hold up and keep major rack damage from ever taking place. Just make sure you get guardrails that are compatible with your rack system.

Learn How to Perform Daily Inspections

If you use the storage rack system a lot in your warehouse, then you need to inspect it regularly. In fact, you need to try to inspect the system each day so that you can make sure key issues don't go unnoticed. These inspections will be more valuable and effective if you learn how to perform them. Talk to your storage rack system's manufacturer to see what things you need to focus on. It might be signs of corrosion, sagging sections, or bases out of alignment. Once you know what to look for, you can perform impactful inspections each day and then intervene before something bad happens. 

If you have to store a lot of products in a warehouse, you can use a warehouse storage rack system to support them. This solution will work out great for a long time if you refine the maintenance steps you perform. 

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