Why Air Tools Are Often Preferable To Electric Tools

While it seems like almost everything is powered by electricity, pneumatics are very useful when you need power for your industrial applications. There are several ways in which electricity simply does not offer enough power.

More Power

One of the main reasons why pneumatics are more effective is because they can provide more punch. Tools that use air are very strong and the amount of compressed air that you use can also be adjusted. For example, if you need to cut through steel, an electric tool might not be powerful enough. As a result, machine shops and auto shops are much more likely to use pneumatics.

Practical Under Some Circumstances

Sometimes electricity simply isn't practical. You may not have access to electricity or electricity might be dangerous to use under specific circumstances because it might spark a fire. An air-powered tool can sometimes be taken to places where an electric tool simply would not work.

Less Expensive Overall

Pneumatic tools are usually less expensive than electric tools. This might be surprising to you when you look at the higher price tag of the pneumatic tools, but you will save more money in the long run because pneumatic tools last longer and do not require as much maintenance. 


Air tools are more powerful and are louder, but are often safer than electric tools. The loudness of the air tool ensures that workers know the tool is in operation and they are less likely to become injured. Also, the lack of electricity eliminates the risk that the worker will become shocked by accident.

Ask Your Workers About What They Prefer

When choosing between air tools and electric tools, make sure to talk to your workers about what they prefer. Some workers prefer electrical tools because they are more portable, but there are some jobs where an electric tool simply does not cut it. Also, some technicians prefer air tools because they are not as heavy.

Consider Keeping Both Types in a Work Truck

A lot of times, it's a good idea to have both. Having air tools will allow a technician to use a variety of attachments. However, a technician might have an electric portable tool as well that will be used under circumstances where the electric tool makes more sense. Having both types of tools also allows the worker to try each tool to find out which one they like the most.

For more information, contact an industrial air tool supplier in your area.

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