Industrial Tote Agitator — Smart Buying Precautions To Remember

A tote agitator is a machine that mixes solutions in industrial totes. They're easy to set up and use around any type of work environment. If you want to buy a new one, here is some advice that can help.

Make Sure Agitator Is Easy to Use

If you don't have a lot of experience working with one of these mixing solutions, then it's probably best that you find a model that's simple to use and will remain so for years to come. Then you won't have to go through a bunch of training or have difficulty working with the system in the beginning.

Try to find a tote agitator that doesn't have a lot of parts, has a reliable power source, and doesn't take much to set up on totes. Then, even though you're a novice when it comes to agitators, you can still use your model like a professional.

Assess the Liquids You Plan to Mix

You can mix a lot of different things in industrial totes today, including chemicals, oils, and food-related substances. You should take some time to analyze the specific liquids that you'll use with an agitator because then, you'll find it a lot easier to narrow in on a specific model.

You just need to assess the right properties of these liquids, including their viscosity and ingredients. Then you'll be able to use these details to find an agitator that's made from the right materials and provides the right mixing support from the very beginning.

Look for Quick Mixing Design

If you have a lot of liquids that you need to mix before they can be used around your worksite, then it's best to find a tote agitator that offers quick mixing speeds. You can then complete these operations promptly and subsequently move on with your day.

Mixing speed will come down to the power that this agitator can provide. As such, try to find a model with a powerful motor that helps it work quickly each time you need to mix solutions in an industrial tote.

Mixing solutions around in industrial totes isn't something you have to manually do now thanks to agitators. They will do all of the work. You can be happy with the performance your agitator provides if you shop for one in a sound manner, which will involve looking at your mixing operations patiently before making a selection. 

Contact a supplier to learn more about tote agitators, such as an IBC tote agitator

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